Marco Rossi-Doria (1954) – President
Primary school teacher since 1975. Rossi-Doria taught in the rough neighborhoods of Rome and Naples, in the United States, in Kenya and in France. He’s one of the first maestri di strada (street teachers) and a co-founder of the project Chance, a second chance at public school for early leavers of school. Rossi-Doria is an expert on learning processes and integration policies. He interchanged being a teacher in school and in the streets with working for government institutions. He trains teachers on how to fight educational poverty, on special educational needs, active learning and the school-work transition. From 2011 to 2014, Rossi-Doria worked as undersecretary for the Ministry of Education. He received the UNICEF Italy Youth Award and the Golden Order of Merit for Culture, Education and School.