Our allies, which are already working with us day in and day out and with whom we exchange ideas, are:

the organizations that have been supporting us from the start: Open Society Foundation, Fondazione con il Sud and Naples’ Pio Monte della Misericordia that has provided us with workspace;
other organizations and local and national entrepreneurs who are acting as mentors for the youths and are supporting our project by taking care of corporate social responsibility;
the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research that is using this project to assess new learning methods for young adults and a different approach to the school-work transition process;
the young people’s families;
the fieldworkers (social educators, tutors, experts in starting-up a business);
experts in assessment processes, public communication and outcome evaluation;
partners in local, national and European networks who are committed to social innovation in the fields of starting up businesses and being leaders of one’s own community;
the scholars and workers inside the institutions who are open to the innovation of employment policies and the education system;
the affected districts’ communities;
the citizens and the experts working in the public spaces of Naples, and possibly of other cities.