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RossiDoria-impararefareImparareFare ImparareFare helps young people in Naples that are already working, albeit in situations of social exclusion, to launch their own business venture and to resume their studies.

ImparareFarehas already been working for a year to support the dreams of promising young boys and girls (Italians, migrants, Roma) that can contribute to local development because, after having experienced different kinds of employment and even migration, they managed to earn their income by creating self-employment. They were born into poor families. They are mostly high school dropouts that have steered clear of drugs and crime and now want to be in charge of their future by starting their own business aimed primarily at self-employment.

ImparareFareis aimed at two groups of people:

  • A group of young people (between 22 and 35) that are already self-employed and are in the process of creating or launching self-employment initiatives (usually off-the-record
  • A group of slightly younger people (between 16 and 25) who want to try transitioning from a coveted job to the chance of creating their own business

ImparareFareis co-funded by OSF – Open Society Foundation and Fondazione con il Sud. These backers, along with a thorough assessment of our activities and a rigorous external analysis provided by the Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, underline our both local and global reach and our resolution to test innovative and rigorously evaluated processes. Moreover, we are collaborating with Pio Monte della Misericordia, one of the oldest charity organizations in Europe, and other organizations to combine innovation and tradition in order to transform the way people with little opportunity receive guidance and help.

ImparareFarehas been building an alliance geared towards development in association with the most innovative companies, organizations and financial groups in the city of Naples. In order to do so we relied on a group of people – educators, teachers, entrepreneurs, experts in business management, business start-up, development, employment and social innovation – who want to support the best socially excluded young people in Naples, while also contributing to the city social redemption.

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